Frequently asked questions

Where are the radar stations?
There are 30 radar stations across located across Canada in the more urban areas. Rural areas of Canada are, in general, not covered. A diagram of the covered areas can be found here

Why am I seeing a "Radar Imagery Currently Unavailable for this location" error message?
Canada Radar streams the radar imagery from the Environment Canada website. Ocassionally, your Radar Station will not produce radar images and thus no images can be displayed by the application. This error is a result of an error on the part of Environment Canada and so nothing can be done from the user end except for trying again later.

In the Radar settings, what does the 'Precipitation Type' option do?
The radar stations capture imagery for rain and snow precipitation. Depending on the type of year, you will need to change this setting depending on the type of precipitation expected. For example, it's best to set this to 'Rain' in the summer and 'Snow' in the winter.

My question doesn't appear here - what can I do?
Feel free to Contact us and we'll quickly respond.

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